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What kind of discipline do you follow?

Phil Stutz the author of book "The Tools" talks about 3 forms of discipline.

1. Reactive Discipline

2. Structural Discipline

3. Expansive Discipline

Phil tells us we need to work on all three of these forms of discipline. Here’s the quick look at each of them.

Reactive Discipline is just what it sounds like. Something triggers you. Can you step in between the stimulus and your response with the discipline to choose a better response?

Structural Discipline is all about the daily habits that keep us running that give our lives “structure” such that we can consistently crush each day of our life. And, of course, Structural Discipline is the foundation of that protocol we want to make sure we’re executing especially when we don’t feel like it.

Then we have Expansive Discipline. This is both the most important and the hardest of the three. Every single moment we have a choice. Will we step forward into growth or back into safety? If we want to live awesome lives and want to experience all that we’re capable of being we must consistently choose to EXPAND. EXPAND. EXPAND. We need to make that expansion a discipline.

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