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Chip it away!!

Alan Cohen tells a great story at the very beginning of the documentary Finding Joe .

The story goes something like this: A long time ago in a land far far away, there was a huge, bigger-than-life Buddha statue. Get this: It was PURE GOLD.

Then one day, an invading army was cruising into town. The monks needed to flee and knew the army would destroy the statue so they quickly covered it in mud and whatever else they could find to make it look less than awesome before they split.

Then one day, a crack showed up in their Buddha statue. Something glimmered below the surface. They looked at the statue and just thought it was a regular Buddha statue.

They chipped a little more away and then a little more then splashed some water on it to clean it off and BEHOLD!! Is that GOLD.

It’s a priceless GOLDEN statue.

Moral of the story: Somewhere along the way, we’ve all gotten covered in mud but you’ve gotta know that YOU are that golden Buddha.


Know this: We don’t need to “do” anything to make ourselves INTO that golden version of ourselves. We just need to chip away at the stuff THAT’S GETTING IN THE WAY of that radiant awesomeness.

And, that’s pretty much the whole point of all of our work together aggregating and compounding all these tiny little incremental Optimizations.

We’re just doing the work to let your golden light shine a little more every day.

But, again: IT’S ALREADY THERE!!!

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